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This morning I marked the locations of the EGT probes in the exhaust pipes, but I didn't drill them because there was a little clearance problem that I wanted to resolve first and I wouldn't be getting to that for a while.



I installed, torqued and safety wired the alternator bracket for the primary (60 amp) alternator.  I had been putting off the install of the alternator because it sounded complicated.  It wasn't.


The bolt got a generous coat of never seize compound so as to keep it easy to adjust as the hours tick away.



With the alternator hung loosely from its mounting bolt, I checked the alignment with the pulleys and also checked for interference.







Next, the short support arm is installed and safety wired for good measure.


All done with the alternator.  I know I may have the belt tension a little tight, but I'll get back to that later.

Back to the exhaust, I connected all the tubes and began checking for clearance and fit.

There is good pipe-to-engine clearance with the Vetterman exhaust, yet it is not a bulky fit.

My only little headache is the FADEC sensors on the right side of the throttle body.  That's the #1 exhaust tube that those wires are resting against!  That's a little something I'll have to work on...


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