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It is caterpillar season. That means that the lizards get fat. Sometimes they eat so many they can't swallow another and have to go around with one half way down. It sounds awful, but I know people who eat like that...





The heat muff goes together and is fit with these eccentric split rings.



The rings are partially held in place and spaced end to end with these long threaded rods that pass through the heat muff parallel to the exhaust pipe.



When the rods are attached to the rings, the rings slip inside the heat muff where they can be rotated to position the muff around the exhaust pipe as desired.








The heat muff is manipulated round the exhaust by properly positioning the rings. In this picture, the air intake is on the left and the warm air comes out at the right.


When you think you have everything the way you want it, the ends are clamped in place and the rods are tightened.

I moved on to the final install of the throttle linkage. Well, not really final because I had no way to secure the cable housing along the side of the engine.

throttle linkage

I made a rough template of what I need to secure the throttle housing. I don't know what the final product will be made of. I was thinking thick aluminum, but it is subject to some vibration and is a critical part.

throttle bracket

As a final thing for the day, I rerouted the vacuum line to the left side of the engine just for clearance purposes.


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