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I said earlier that I am mounting the oil cooler on the baffling as opposed to the firewall.  This doubler serves as reinforcement around the opening I cut in the baffling (all per plans).

oil cooler support



This little box is also reinforcement to the baffling for the oil cooler.


I have added nutplates and screws to the baffling here at the doubler because this (at top in picture) is the left rear corner of the baffling.  It is normally riveted together here, but I was easy removal in case I need access in the future.



Here is how the oil cooler will fit against the baffling.  Note that the oil cooler is outside the baffling.  That is, it hangs on the back between the baffling and the firewall.


oil cooler






Here is another view of the oil cooler.  In this shot you can see the adjustable gate to control airflow through the oil cooler.



It's time for a word or 2 about cooling the oil.  I am getting a lot of conflicting advise and information about the oil coolers.  One builder tells me the oil cooler I have will never do the job.  Another tells me he couldn't get the oil warm enough even on 100 degree summer days.  I will install the air gate now in a way that allows me to easily remove it.  I will probably leave it out for the first flight.  If I need it, I'll slip it back in.

Here is a picture of the oil cooler air gate half way open (above, it was wide open).

Here is another shot with the gate fully closed.  I can't imagine that there would be a circumstance in which it would be run this way, but a few folks tell me they have needed to close the gate completely.

Here are all the nutplates installed and the oil cooler in place just upside down from the way it fits on the installed baffling.


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