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I started off the day getting to something I have let slide.  I probably should have installed the nut on the engine mount to nose gear end (next to the firewall) before I hung the engine, but I put it off for some reason.  It is awkward at best, but the suggested hole in the firewall (per plans) makes workable.  It's on and torqued.  Pretend that you see it...

nose gear leg bolt


Several hours have been devoted to bundling and re-bundling the wires behind the panel and it still looks like a rats nest!  Actually it is much better than it was, but my dream of having a perfectly neat and tidy wiring scheme with obvious connections it fading.  I am now leaning more toward utility and traceability than appearance, but I am still working on it even though it is about to be covered from the top and will be much more difficult to work on.

behind panel


The front deck is clecoed in place.  This feels like a big step because it closes off the easy top access that I have had to the panel wiring.  From here on it will be an on your back under the panel experience.


Before I start riveting the front deck, I want to trim up the rollbar and get it fit properly.  That a little harder to accomplish after the deck is on.
















Part of fitting the front deck involves fitting the cowl support (attachment) ring.  Here is the first pass at fitting it.


Dennis has been here helping with the riveting.  We started with the empty holes in the sides.


Now for real stuff.  I know that we won't be able to reach all of the rivets in front deck, but the few we can't reach will get pop-rivets.


Dennis gets all the fun stuff.  He gets to reach up under the panel and scratch up his hands and arms on the sharp pull ties while I drive the rivet gun.



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