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We started out this morning to finish riveting the rear deck.  At the back end of the deck there is this little bulge just visible in the picture.  Because the last rivet isn't in yet, I'm not too concerned about and I have noticed much worse on other airplanes, but I think will have to find a way to flatten it out if the last rivet doesn't pull it down, but that's for later.


The skin is completely on except for a couple of rivets and I'm happy (except for above) with the way it fit.  I had doubts because I haven't really riveted in more than a year.


The other side looks equally good with no smiley faces.


The front deck is now very close to being finally installed.  The little blue circle indicates a rivet that I'm not really happy with that will have to be drilled out and done over.
















Ready for final assembly, the upper cowl attachment is clamped in place.


We have to measure the thickness of the cowl to make sure it will fit evenly with the sheet metal


The thickness of the cowl is compared to the space provided by the spacer to make sure we have the fit we want.


One last thing for the day is to mark and cut the slot for the front gear leg so the cowl will slip on.  It will probably have to be enlarged slightly later, but this will do for our purposes now.



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