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The first look at the fit of the bottom cowl gives a pretty good idea how much will have to be trimmed off and where the hinge line will fall.



The cowl is supported in place any way that works including temporary tabs, paint sticks as shims and plain old tape, but I am not going to work on that now.


I took advantage of Dennis' advice on how to fit the wheel pants.  The right one was an easy fit as the 2 halves fit together with only a small gap.  The left wheel pant was awful with more than a half inch gap in one place and a bad twist.



















A lot of time went into filing away at the 2 pieces of the wheel pant.  When the fit was close, I used a hacksaw blade to establish the space between the 2 halves, just enough so the paint wouldn't chip when the parts vibrated in flight.

When the fit is close, the edges are sanded for straightness and to smooth off the sharp edges.

Finally, the right fit.  Despite the fact that it doesn't look like it, the front and rear sections are in perfect alignment.


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