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This messy looking thing is the cowling lower half marked and ready to cut.  We will cut out the lower portion that is designed for a carbureted engine and (hopefully) modify it for the forward facing horizontal induction of FADEC.

rv-7a cowl

All cut out without cutting the flange I had glassed in.

rv-7 cowl

The flange area is more than generous.  One might say it is excessive and there is a reason for that.  It needs to be a little extra rigid at the front because so much material has been removed from the center and we should leave room to trim it to fit.

Along the sides, the flange is edge is jagged and rough, but not to worry....

















Before going any further, Bill decided to trim off the jagged area -- to protect hands from cuts if nothing else.

kathleen evans



It is safe to mark the curves freehand since a small variation will not affect strength and nothing here is visible.



The lower half is back on with the rough-cut showing how it is open to the front for induction.  The intake cone is not yet built and will have to align with the throttle body that is visible in the center.  In the center is good!

rv-7 horizontal intake




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