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The base flange to which the air filter cone and air filter mount is match drilled to the throttle body.  It is held in place by 4 bolts that will have the heads drilled for safety wire.

induction cone base


The air filter cone is temporarily attached with clecos to use as a center point and to measure the shape required for the fiberglass fabrication ahead.

intake cone


I had expected there would be a lot of trim and fit to get adequate clearance from the cone and to get the shape right in the cowl opening.  It turned out just fine first shot.

air filter cone


Hubby helper made up some flexible fiberglass panels to use to get the basic shape needed.


Now this only looks crude because it is!  It is the first rough shaping of the intake nozzle















Once the rough shape of the intake nozzle is established, the whole cowl can be set on the floor where it is easier to work with.

The intake nozzle is coated with expanding foam and the desired shape is roughed out.  This is really yucky work!

The first pass is still really crude, but the general shape is there.

With lots of tedious work, the intake is beginning to look round.  Almost getting somewhere!




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