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The canopy sides are trimmed and sanded smooth so it's time to drill the first holes through the canopy to the canopy frame side bars.


A crack!  I don't know where it came from and it's a big one!  The good news is that it will be fully covered by the fiberglass.  I stop drilled it and glued it back together with some plexiglas cement.  I will take extra care to reinforce the area with fiberglass later to ensure no further movement.


The match up of the canopy and windscreen is looking really good.  I was told it would be difficult to get the fit just right, but it looks just right already.


The canopy sides are clecoed down and checked and rechecked for fit.  So far, so good.  Fingers crossed and all...


















I laid in place the fabric that will be the base cover of the panel glare shield.


Once the fabric is secured in place the windshield is placed on it to make sure everything fits properly.


The fit looks good all around.  The fabric will be bonded in place so, it has to be right the first time.  If it ever has to be replaced, it won't be, it will be covered by more fabric.




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