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Continuing the work on the first little piece of upholstery, (the glare shield cover -- I really don't know what to call this thing) I trimmed my template to fit.


From the template, I cut the final material and inspected it for defects.


The final piece of material in place fits perfectly and won't be removed again.


The canopy top is clamped and measured for drilling.  This one really makes me nervous because the work will be forever visible when the canopy is open.


















As the holes are drilled, the clamps are moved along to keep a tight fit to the slider frame.  Note that there are clecos in every hole to keep it tight.

I left a little extra canopy in front of the frame in hopes of trimming a perfect fit even though the fit at the front of the slider is hidden by fiberglass.


beginning the final fit of the windscreen takes little clips to hold it in place.  The holes will be covered by fiberglass as part of the final attachment and fairing of the windscreen.


I used small blocks of aluminum to hold the side corners of the windscreen firmly in place for fitting.  Again the holes will be covered by the fiberglass fairing.



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