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While I have been busy working on the canopy (making slooow progress), Bill has been working on the cowl.  He has made a new mold for the intake and is working on the exhaust.  It looks pretty rough at this stage.


It's time to make the final cut on the canopy sides.


The idea of this cut is to try to allow just enough room for the braces that will hold the canopy in place to fit between the canopy sides and the square tubing of the canopy frame.


On the top of the canopy, the exterior aluminum reinforcement is in place and has been drilled for the handle bolt.


















Across the windshield bow, each hole that was drilled gets tapped for screws to hold the glass in place.

Here is just another shot of tapping the screw holes.

Well, remember that glare shield cover material that was never coming off again?  It's off again, but this time to be glued down.

Since I will use spray glue to hold the material down it is necessary to mask off the parts around the panel to avoid messy glue overspray.


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