October 8, 2010




Following the plans, I trimmed the main gear fairings to the recommended size. 


I trimmed the ends and began doubting that all this was a good idea.  There is no way to know if any of this needs trimming (except for the ends) without installing the hinge.  Oh well, too late.


Moving on, I got back to the canopy braces.  All I needed to do was drill the holes that will be match drilled to the frame.



























It's the fall gathering, turkeys and deer in the back yard.

deer again

Bill is continuing work on the exhaust, but now I am thinking I will abandon this idea and go with something more conventional.  It's not that it wouldn't work, I just want it done more quickly.



Not wanting to work on any two things for too long, I moved on the canopy skirts. All I did was drill them as it was getting late.


Before I could call it a day I had to drill the firewall holes that will carry cowling pins.  The pins will exit in the NACA scoops on either side.  I still have to install a guide tube behind the firewall.


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