October 18, 2010




This is a picture of filler (resin and milled fiberglass fibers) being added aroung one of the intake rings at the front of the cowl.   There just isn't any way to get a perfect fit without building it up with something that is strong enough hold and take a little punishment.

cowl intake



Here is the semi-finished product.  The fit is already pretty good. It needs just a little more shaping and sanding.



I used a similar technique to glue in the rings on the inside of the cowl.  I sanded everything with some 36 grit sandpaper first, made a dam from tape and poured in the resin and fiberglass fibers.  It seems to be adequately strong.


























This is the final (I hope) louver design.  I am cutting them to an arbatrary size that will fit nicely under the cowl.


The next step will be to cut out the area for the louvers and install nutplates.

rv-7 louvers

Now for a little work on the wheelpants.  I measured the difference in thickness (actually just the matchup) between the front and back half of the wheelpants with the dial indicator.  That may sound a little too precision for the job, but it is an easy way to do it.  Now I will know how much to fill and grind to get them to match before I start match sanding.



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