February 15, 2011




This awful looking piece of fiberglass work will actually become the plug from which a mold will be made for the back portion of the bottom cowl.  It has taken some work to get the exact shape (contour) I want.  It is ready to be trimmed and fit when it will be ready to be used as the plug to build the mold.



Rex Daniels came by to help with the fiberglass work.  Rex has a nice RV-8 and a lot of opinions about building airplanes.

rex daniels


I built 2 inflation access doors for the main gear fairings.  The picture shows it all, but doesn't give a clue as to how much work it turned out to be.


inflation access door































This is just a view of the front (outside) of the inflation access door.  I'll get a picture of one installed in the wheel fairing later.





I finally got around to putting a battery in each holder just to make sure they fit.  They do.  Good enough.






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