January 13, 2012




Before they were installed together, I was worried about the fit between the steps and the flaps.  There was no problem here, but I had worried about it and was happy to see that there was plenty of space between them.


Both steps seemed to fit fine.  I just left them clecoed in place for the time being and moved on to other stuff.


If you have any idea of what I was trying to show with this picture, let me know.  I don't remember why I took it or even what it is supposed to show.  I'll leave it here for entertainment purposes...






































It is a good time to check some other things like the fit of the wing tips and uniformity from side to side.


I was tired of playing with the wings, so I moved to some incidental things that needed to be done like installing the stiffeners on the fuselage sides inside the cockpit.


And, installing the rudder cable fairings.





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