January 18, 2012




This is the oil pressure sender dedicated to FADEC.  It comes with the FADEC system and I don't know if any other sender can be substituted for it.


Now for the problem.  There are 3 wires from the FADEC system that connect to the sender, but there is not indication in the documentation or on the sender itself, as to which connector they connect to.


This airplane ends up with 3 oil pressure senders.  There is one extra because I didn't understand that the FADEC sent oil pressure and temperature information to the MFDs.  I installed oil pressure and temperature guages in the panel and I am not about to take them out, so we have unplanned redundancy here.


I installed these rather common mape lights in cockpit, but I am thinking they will have to be installed in the upholstry.  We'll see..






































The FADEC computers require good grounding, so I am running these grounding straps that will go from the battery ground to the engine to the FADEC units and to the main airframe grounds on both sides of the firewall.


I almost forgot about the fuel relief from the fuel pump.  I am routing it down to exit at the back of the lower cowl away from the exhaust pipe.


While I am taking care of little things firewall forward, I found some big things like fuel lines that needed to be tied down and/or supported.   This is typical of what I am doing with the heaver lines.  You do have to protect the motor mount from vibration induced wear when something is attached to it.




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