January 23, 2012




One little installation that got overlooked when it was first wired up got installed.  It's a flap switch that sets the pitch trim slower when the flaps are fully up.  That way the trim is not too sensitive in pitch in cruise flight (at higher speeds) and travels fairly quickly with flaps in such as on approach.

The ELT is not installed yet, but the antenna is mounted in the baggage compartment.


I went around under the horizontal stabilizer and tapped holes (after drilling out rivets) to screw down the bottom fairing.

I also installed nutplates to screw down the rear of the empennage fairing.






































I cut the layup I had done a few days ago down to a narrow bottom fairing, drilled it and screwed it to the fuselage under the horizontal stabilizer.  The top lip was a little thick, but the fit was not bad.




I have been using 2 methods of filling pinholes.  One is the application of epoxy resin to heated fiberglass parts and the other is Loehle filler.


The Loehle method is much faster, but not as good for large pinholes.  The resin requires sanding after application and sometimes requires 2 steps, because you can't handle some parts that require turning over to reach more than one side.


Still working with constant supervision.



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