January 26, 2012




It's a clear cool day and a good time spray the first test piece to get a look at the color and see how the paint lays down.  My husband is doing most of the painting and complaining that he doesn't much about Imron, but I say, "How hard can it be?"

The test piece was painted outside, not in the booth, but it looked good to me.

paint sample


This is the paint that is going on the RV. As you can see it is Imron Elite.  All I know about it so far is that it is really pricey....



Some the high wear/impact areas like the leading edges of the wings and wheel fairings are getting a coat of Imron clearcoat for durability.

imron clear












































These are the spray guns we are using.  Some for primer and touchup.

spray guns


The DeVilbiss Plus is the primary gun for shooting paint.

spray gun 1


This mid-line DeVilbiss is used mostly for primer.

spray gun 2







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