February 3, 2012




Painting of smaller parts, like the engine intake cone, is progressing, but I am amazed at how long it takes to get things prepared.  The sanding process never seems to end and when it finally gets some primer, there are often little defects that couldn't be seen up to that point.


Parts like these gear leg fariings are hung in the paint booth side of the workshop.


Here the primed flaps are ready to be sprayed.  You can see that the door is left open so air can be forced out at the top and bottom.  The air is drawn in through fans in the opposite wall where it passes through a set of filters to keep out dust.













































The intake cone and gear leg fairings go out in the sun once they have cured enough to be handled safely.


The oil door needed some final fitting, so I put it in place and filled the gap.


When the filler cured, I removed the tap and began the process of making the gap even all around the door.



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