February 11, 2012




As I get a  break here and there from the firewall forward and fiberglass work, I do get to buff some small parts -- yet another task that gets old very quickly.


The plenum continues to get light amounts of filler and sanding.


The right cooling intake aligns somewhat differently than the left, but I am not going to change it as I have seen the same problem on other plenums that seem to cool properly.


I couldn't seem to get a picture that really displays the differences between the right and left.  Yes, I know I haven't installed those little intake baffles yet....











































One of the tough areas for me to close up was the front corners of the plenum/baffling.  This is the right front (#1) where I had to make new piece of baffling to get the fit right.  I know these are minor things, but they do eat up time.


At the opposite side (#2), I had the same problem and ended up making up a new piece of baffling to get the right fit.


Earlier I had said that the fit of the plenum at the front was good.  Well, not really. After closer inspection, I saw that I needed to cut it open and reshape it a little.


I think I am finally satisfied with the fit.




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