February 19, 2012




The heat muff is a challenge I haven't overcome as yet.  I have 2, but neither seems to fit in a way that doesn't kink the hose or force it against an exhaust pipe.  I'm skipping past it for now.



The baffling is painted, so I guess nothing stands in the way of me installing it permanently.



The baffling is looking much cleaner now that it is painted and I like seeing it go together.













































As I go along, I continue to finalize the wiring runs, securing them as best I can knowing that they be subjected to a lot of vibration.


Two of the 3 GPS antennas are mounted on the same bracket under the cowling.


As things went together, I found that the right FADEC MAP sensor wouldn't clear the exhaust pipe.  I put a brass elbow in its place and attached the sensor to the elbow.

In a few places it was necessary to make hangers or brackets to properly secure wiring.


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