February 25, 2012




It is ever so much fun to be under the panel finishing up connections, stowing wires and (as in this case) routing the parking brake cable.



I made up this bracket to properly position the cable end of the parking brake cable.



It may look like overkill (as I have already been told), but I wasn't confident about the grip of just one clamp.



And here is where I finally settled on placing the parking brake. It's right there with the other controls that have to go forward for power.  And, to answer the question that is frequently asked, "No, there shouldn't be a red knob."  This airplane uses FADEC to adjust the mixture (for each cylinder individually along with timing), so the panel has only throttle and prop.











































The alternator belt is a common Gates number readily available at any auto parts store.  That's a good thing.

Gosh, I thought I was all finished riveting, but I forgot about the canopy.


I was amazed at how rusty I was at riveting.  It was a relief to get back to rivet locations that I could squeeze.


Meanwhile, parts continue to come out of the paint booth.  Watching the process sure makes me happy that I'm not spray painting.  It's a much better job for my husband, after all, he has to do something.


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