February 28, 2012




There seems to be a need to cover this subject again.  I get regular emails from folks who point out that if my prop is an MT it is composite.  They say that if the blades are aluminum, the prop is not an MT.  Well, sorry to disappoint, but it is an MT and while I can't show you a picture that proves the blades are aluminum without scratching paint, they are.  So, if you doubt this, here is the tag from the propeller.  Look it up.  It's an aluminum blended airfoil MT.  Thanks for listening, but keep those emails coming...




On the subject of the prop, it is painted. 



The lighter red (don't say orange) and black will be matched with a swoosh on the sides and accents on the wingtips and vertical stabilizer.















































It's finally time to install those chin-bruising steps.  They have been match drilled to the fuselage per plans, but I cant rivet them myself.

With Rex's steady hand and good form on the outside driving the rivet gun we are ready to tackle this long avoided task.


I get the fun part, twisted up in the fuselage bucking the rivets.

The riveted step.


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