March 5, 2012




Paint on the fuselage!  It feels like a big deal, but it's just another step.



Looking it over doesn't reveal any serious defects.  In fact, it looks great to me.



It's getting very close to time to move it to the hangar, so I've installed all the stuff back into the panel.



I decided to add oil to the engine before the move.  It's on my pre-start checklist, but I just want to get it done.














































I have found lots of finish up connections that can be done before the move.  It will easier and more comfortable here in the heated and air conditioned workshop than in the hangar.

It's a challenge getting some things connected under and around the control weldment and push rods.

It looks like hooking up the autopilot pitch servo is the last thing I will have time to do before the move.

Looking over the fuselage, I found lots of things that needed to be tied down like this elevator push tube end.


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