March 7, 2012




The day has come for the big move to the airport.  I went through a lot of options for the move like our own trailer, car carriers (movers) and friends with trucks.  In the end I picked a local heavy equipment hauler for lots of reasons.  The most significant reasons were experience, insurance, the right truck and cooperation.  Those tilt bed tow trucks are just not a good choice because the gear doesn't fit between the outside rails.


Loaded and ready to go as Tyler Gully looks on.  Tyler was our EAA choice to attend EAA Oshkosh last year.  He longs to be a pilot.  Why not?


Once in the airport hangar, I got right to work installing the wings.  That, of course, requires the right tools. 
















































I was shocked at how much pounding it took to drive the bolts through spar.  There is no good position from which to apply pressure or get much of a swing with the hammer, but eventually it gets there.

Some of the bolts can only be installed part way before you have to put the nuts on because of the landing gear weldments in the "a" model.

I ended the day with only partial success, but determined to finish it up quickly next try.



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