March 21, 2012




I spent most of the day sanding the lower cowl, having promised myself I'd have the whole cowl ready to paint tomorrow.  It's not going to happen.


Installing the headphone jacks, I discovered that the jack contacts interfere with the elevator push tube at a point between the seats.  I either need to mount the jacks somewhere else or modify the mount to avoid the interference.


I cut a new piece of aluminum and drilled it for the jacks.

















































The new piece will be elevated in place of the current mounting location.

I match drilled the new piece to existing mounting holes.


Now for the part you don't see.  I made a 3/8 inch thick block of fiberglass cut out in the middle to raise the new mounting piece by that thickness.  I slathered glass bead/resin filler around it fill in and cover any imperfections.  When it cures, it will get sanding, painting and installation.


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