March 29, 2012




When the weather is cold, one must pray to the firewood to keep the shop warm.


Sanding is the order of the day(s).  The bottom cowl half is finally about ready for paint.


It's on to the top half of the cowl. Yes, when possible, air tools are my choice, but it is still a time consuming miserable job and I'd prefer to leave it all to someone else. I am oh so happy I didn't choose to build a glass airplane!

















































I am making trips between the shop (sanding) and the hangar where I am mostly doing little detail things like anchoring wiring bundles and installing the last few odds and ends.


Odds and ends - like the rudder cables....


I gave Bill a break from painting so he could relax under the panel and trace down some wires for me.  That was 20 minutes working on the wiring and 30 minutes getting in and out.


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