May 9, 2004 HOME

After a long series of other events that kept me from the workshop, I managed to squeeze a little time. I wanted to do something that I could get done in an hour, so I picked the installation of the electric trim servo. By installation, I mean build the bracket and fit it into the elevator so I can balance the elevator.

I started by marking out the bracket positions. I took me a while to figure out that the positioning wasn't precise. All you have to worry about here is alignment and clearance (so the whole unit can fit into the hole in the elevator). I clecoed the brackets and drilled them.

Here's a shot of the Ray Allen servo that comes from Van's. It comes with all the linkage, 2 clevis connectors and pins, a connector rod, nuts, bolts, rivets and even an LED indicator and a panel switch. I won't be using the panel switch because I plan on hat switches on both sticks.










After the brackets were riveted to the plate, I attached the servo unit to the brackets with the screws and self-locking nuts provided and checked it all for alignment. Golden!

The last step (for now), I attached the servo to the elevator. That will do for balancing the elevator. I will take it back out for wiring and final hookup.

That's it for today. Because I wasted a lot of time figuring out which way the brackets fit and double checking every step it took me an hour and half.






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