August 25, 2004 HOME

The aileron brackets attach to the rear wing spar.  I fitted the inboard bracket to the left wing and final drilled all the pieces.  These are pre-punched and the supports are even pre-cut for you.

What did I just say about being pre-punched.  Trying all the alternatives I could think of, there was no way I could find any two pieces that matched.  The w413b-r and the W414 go back to back, but as you can see here, the holes do not line up.  After 30 minutes playing with this, I called Van's.  "Oops!" they say!  "We thought we caught all those!"  It turns out to be a known problem and new parts are on the way.

On the parts that did fit, I was able to countersink and them set up for riveting.



Here you can see how the bearing drops into one side of the bracket pair.  Both halves are machined to accept half of the bearing.  The plans call out close tolerances fro the fit of these plates.

Bearing in place, the halves are riveted together.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  This shows how the bearing is sandwiched between the halves now riveted together.  I really want to get moving on this part, but I'm out of time for today and tomorrow and headed for San Jose for a little visit.


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