August 18, 2004 HOME

With not much time and waiting for a phone call, I didn't want to start anything too tough.  I bent some .040" alclad to hold a little batter clock-timer that I like.  I like it because it has large numbers and is easy to use.   There is not real way to mount it in an airplane because of its funny shape, so I'm making a mounting bracket for it.

Once I had it bent into shape, I glued (T-88 again) a reinforcing plate in the back of it.  I'll drill through the plate and into another backplate with nutplates on it.



Here it is holding the timer.

This is basically how it will serve as a mount for the timer in my Tomahawk.  It still needs a little fitting work, but it is essentially done.  Oh!  There's my phone call!

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