December 21, 2004 HOME

I trimmed the seat back supports (f-638) per plans and deburred the edges.

The plans call for lightning holes.  At first, I didn't think it was worth it, but after thinking about it, I decided that I had drilled and snipped and ground all the suggested lightning options so far, so I should continue with the plan.

When the lightning holes were cut in both pieces, I cut a pieces of hinge material to length and match drilled them to the supports.  I wasn't sure about the spacing here, so I decided I'd make the final side-to-side adjustments with the hinge on the seat back.


Bending the f-705k plates for the forward seat position proved to be a challenge for my little sheet metal brake.  Ugh -- it wanted to bow out in the middle.  Finally I got it done, but I'm considering an optional approach to the seat back positioning.  More later.




I finally got the recommended bend, but they are really not as uniform across the span as the appear to be.



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