December 23, 2004 HOME

Continuing my pattern of jumping around the building sequence, I decided I would install the autopilot pitch servo today.  I started out not sure I had enough time to get it done.  That's probably because I had no idea where it would go.  After reading the autopilot installation instructions from TruTrak (which by the way, are next to useless) I decided to put it in the recommended location attached to the elevator bellcrank at the mid-ship in the fuselage.  (duh)...

The process starts with drilling an attachment hole a specified distance (I use "specified" when I have a picture of it, but have forgotten what the distance really is) from the end of the bellcrank.  I checked the position of the hole after drilling.

The servo mounting plate is drilled to the bellcrank rib in as even a fashion as you can manage.  I declared mine to be perfect.  I'll check it later to see if it redefines, "perfect".

O. K., ready for riveting.  We (Bill checked it for me - I think he was feeling extra helpful, because he checked several things acting as though he knew what he was doing) measured the position for a final check.



Primed, riveted and ready for the servo, the mounting bracket is in place.

Now, from the custom tool department, I had a really hard time fitting the spacer required inside the bellcrank.  It has to go up where you see the bolt end waiting to come through.  After wasting about fifteen minutes trying failing ideas, I made up this little "tool" to slide the washer in place.  It worked first time!

Autopilot servo installed!  It may still need a final adjustment, but it's done for now.


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