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I took my new air compressor to the hangar.  It's little and it's cute, but I'm not sure it will be adequate.  I am sure I will miss my old two-stage compressor with it's 80 gallon tank!  I am not going to have air lines plumbed all around the hangar like I had in the old workshop.  I guess I just think of a rented hangar as "my space."

After a small effort at the hangar, we had a Young Eagles' day at Benton.  No, it's not an RV, but the kids were drawn to it anyway.  In fact, there weren't any RVs for the kids to ride in.  I'm going to have to remedy that!

Here's Erwin with his very nice Chief and a young eagle posing for a picture.





Erwin and his young eagle ready to taxi.  Erwin has a very nice Arenoca Chief.  It's one of 2 nice Chiefs in EAA Chapter 159.

Oops!  If frogs had wings they wouldn't bump their tails when they land, but what about airplanes?  No, that's not what happened -- it's a long story.

Another picture of Erwin (his airplane, of course) taking off with his young eagle.  There were lots of young eagle flights.  I just didn't have time to get many pictures. 

It really is time to get back to building airplanes!


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