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The 2 Blue Mountain Sports came in a week or so ago and I thought today would be a good day to put them on the bench and fire them up.  I hooked up my homemade 12v power supply and wired the Sports on the bench with temporary harnesses.


The Sports come with active GPS antennas that plug into the units. There is nothing to wire here.


Here are the 2 units sitting side by side with the magnetometers next to them and the GPS antennas at the end of the table.


Here is what I saw when I turned on the power.  The Sport looked great, but the HSI screen said, "No Magnetic."  I tried swapping the magnetometer leads, the GPS leads and even the power leads.  The Blue Mountain Folks were quick to want to replace it, but weren't sure they new what the problem was.

The solution came when I moved the 2 GPS antennas away from the magnetometers.  Yep, simple as that.  Why it only affected one unit, I don't know, but they have worked fines since.


So, here's a view of how they might look in flight.  One showing terrain ahead and the HSI, the other, terrain ahead and the low altitude IFR chart.























Here's a better look at the right unit.



This shot just shows that you can have full screen VFR, low altitude IFR and high altitude IFR charts on either unit.



Another example is the plain heads up like screen and/or a moving terrain map on the bottom.



Finally, of course, you can have a full screen moving map with or without VFR detail.  Any of these combinations can be on either screen.



What I can't display here is the engine data. It can't be displayed until the serial connection is made to the FADEC system and then, only when the engine is running will it display anything worth looking at.





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