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Looking down at the front of the panel, this is how I am bringing wires forward.  I am simply measuring the distance from the source or other end to the place on the panel, allowing for eventual bundling, and making it so.  It really is tedious.

Under the seats, I put a switched (master) junction block on each side for power to the sticks and other items that are not switched from the panel.

This is the ammeter shunt.  I am installing one on each electrical system and will have a separate ammeter for each electrical system.  It will be interesting to see the comparative draw from each system.  They shouldn't be the same and they don't charge at the same rate given a 60 and a 20 amp alternator.







Here is one of the shunts installed and wired behind the panel.




Next, I wired the dimmer cluster that will be mounted at the top of the panel in the middle.




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