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First off, the work on this page didn't really happen on the 20th.  Actually, it was done over a few days and I have lost track.  I often lose track of days, but that's just part of life, right?

Sam De La Torre stopped by this morning with his nephew.  They are driving an RV-7 kit in a rental truck back from Marysville Washington to their home in southern California.

sam de la torre


Within a week or so of Sam De La Torre leaving for home, he sent a picture of the c-frame he made.  It looks better than the ones you can by online.  Be proud of your work Sam, it looks great!  He is getting right to it and will probably finish his RV before I finish mine!

sams c-frame

I made this little access door that will allow access to the bolts that secure the rollbar brace.  Normally access is from behind the panel, but I determined there wasn't going to be room to get a hand in there, so in case there is a need in the future, there will be access from the top.  I hope I never need it!


Work on the canopy begins!  This is the block at the rear end of the canopy rail.  It holds a nylon block that will be drilled at an angle to pull the rear of the canopy down tight.


This is just a closer view of the roughed out cut that must be made in the back of the canopy rail to allow for the curve of the fuselage.


This roller assembly guides the canopy in the rails.  I will be using a taller one on each side, but more on that later.



The rollbar brace is temporarily installed for fitting the rollbar in place and final drilling of the mounting holes.














The rollbar is drilled in place on both sides and permanently attached.


Now, on to the drilling and dimpling of the rear deck.  I decided to roll the edges which gives a tighter fit, but doesn't really look as good when the skin is riveted.


Jumping around as usual, the left and right side cowl hinges are riveted in place.  They are not riveted to the cowl yet because that is part of the fitting process.  Fiberglass!  Yuck!


Why did I put those little yellow arrows there?  I forgot.  Oh, it must have been to show the spacer (just a long strip of aluminum) that adjusts the support (the wide flange - bottom arrow) to the thickness of the cowl.


We don't torque the top rollbar brace bolt yet, because it has to come off again to install the top skin -- coming soon!



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