January 20, 2011




The windscreen frame has come out looking pretty good.  The rough fit and conformity is good all the way around and it is now ready for the big job of trimming and final fitting followed by finish.




The next step is to remove the layup and begin trimming the edges.  I did this in 3 passes.  First, I trimmed the thin loose pieces all around the edge.  Second, I cut it to a uniform shape with smooth lines.  Third, (after putting it back on to check the exact fit) I ground, sanded and shaped the edges to finalize the conformity.
































Now it is time to bond the frame to the fuselage and windscreen.  I sanded the surfaces to be bonded with 40 grit (except for the aluminum which I sanded with 80 grit) as close to the edges as I could get.  That is, I sanded the frame, the aluminum and the plexiglas windscreen.


After applying the bonding material (of resin, shaved glass and Cabosil), I put the frame in place and checked all around for a smooth application.


The new windscreen frame is secured with clecos and allowed to cure.


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