January 27, 2012




The first real part to get painted is the nose wheel fairing nose cap.  We are starting with a few smaller pieces to test how things are going before jumping the the bigger pieces (like the fuselage).  My first impression is pretty positive.  It's the color I wanted and the paint is looking really good.


This is the removable cowl bottom rear section that goes around the nose gear.  It's not a perfect piece to begin with, but looked pretty good painted.


Some inspection covers and the trim tab are safe pieces to get a feel of how it's going.  These parts are all cured and can be handled.












































All of the metal parts got Alumi-Prep applied with a red Scotchbrite pad and a coat of self-etching primer.  I know that sounds like overkill, but it does assure good primer adhesion.


The piece above is the vertical stabilizer and the piece below is a flap.  They all get the same treatment and are now ready to paint.


Here is a closeup of the bottom part of the empennage fairing so that you can better see the paint.




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