August 12, 2004 HOME

I didn't get to do any airplane work yesterday as planned, but I did make a lucky find.  I came across a package of these surplus cuttoff wheels and a few arbors.  "How much?"  I asked.  Well, at the end of the discussion, I paid $5 for 30 of them and got 6 arbors with the bunch.  I don't know what they are made of, but they cut like crazy.  I only tried them on steel.  I'm happy...

Last time I actually did airplane work, I gave up in frustration trying to rivet the rod ends on the aileron push rods.  Well, they are 4130 chrome molly.  So, they got welded.  Problem solved!




Here are the 2 completed rods with ends welded on.  They are perfectly straight and ready to go.  Bill welded them for me.  I decided not to practice on something this important.

I also got my small bench grinder set up with a pair of Scotchbrite wheels.  One is medium and the other is fine.  Oh, so you think it's set up crooked?  I happen to like it that way.  It give the best all-around clearance while grinding.

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