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It's a nice day out and the deer are in the yard as usual.  I have all the shop doors open because the weather is so nice.  It's a good day to be outside, but it's really a good day to be flying.  I am in the shop building and dreaming of flying!

The FADEC controllers are connected through a big DB connector.  Aersonance went to great lengths to ensure that the unit is electronically isolated at the point of connection by providing non-conductive shields.  Additionally, the connection is made through a non-conductive sealant strip that is applied over the DB connectors before the mating connector is installed.

Once the isolator and sealant are in place, the connector is pressed in place, screwed down and torqued.  I safety wired the screws for good measure because it is a big harness capable of putting a lot of stress on the connector.  It will be tied off to relieve stress, but ya never know...

Speaking of stress, the wires to the FADEC throttle position sensors just flop around.  I installed a pull-tie around the throttle body and used a little RTV to stabilize the wires and relieve the stress.









While I am at it, here's a picture of the FADEC throttle body where you can see the handshake connectors on top right.  The intake air temperature sensor and the electronic connections are at the bottom and are duplicated on the other side of the throttle body.


While I was in the area, I fixed that little mistake I made a few days ago.  I had put a plug in the fuel pump relief port.  I took that out and installed a 90 degree AN pipe-tubing connector.


There is a typical bayonet type connector for CHT on each cylinder that just slips in and twists into place.  Oops!  Except for cylinder #2 where I had to remove the exhaust to slip it into place.  No big deal.  It's done.



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