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This morning I numbered the bolts in the propeller hub.  Why?  Because I want to put them back in the same place just in case there is a balance issue.


These bolts have never been torqued or safety wired, so I'm simply popping them out and installing the spinner.  I will wait to torque and safety the bolts in case there is a reason to remove them again.


With the spinner installed, we begin to position and fit the cowl, starting with the upper half.


I am using wood spacers to temporarily set the distance between the spinner and the cowl.
















The first cut of the top cowl looks pretty close.  I'm using the thickness of a hacksaw blade to space the rear of the cowl away from the sheet metal to avoid paint chipping.


A first rough cut opens up the cooling air intakes so that an aluminum ring can be inserted in each side of the cowling.


Did I say, "Rough cut?"  It isn't close to fitting.

A few more passes and the ring fits reasonably well.  We'll get back to this later.



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