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Tis the season! This morning started off with a small rattlesnake at my feet.  Echo (the cat) caught this little 14 inch cutie and decided to bring it in the shop where it hissed, rattled and kept me on my toes until Bill hauled it away proclaiming, "It's too small to eat."  Oh, what will we do for dinner?

rattle snake


This pic will give you an idea of how small this little criter was, but still poisenous.

rattlesnake head


I started the work day by shortening the canopy latch guide tube (of course, only after measuring to make sure I had the right length for the washers and the nut). 

canopy frame

Then I trimmed the excess material off the latch.  I will grind it smooth later for a final fit.

canopy latch

























Later, I helped Bill who is building the intake scoop that will fit under the cowl.  This is the mold he is making from a plug that was originally carved from a foam block.

air intake


The layup of the intake is in the mold and curing.  This is just West Systems epoxy with three layers of Rutan cloth.

ram air


When it has adequately cured (just a few hours), the product is popped from the mold.  I am not completely following how all this will work, but I'm happy for the help with hateful fiberglass work so I'll just watch the process and be quiet.



The snout of the intake will need to be cut out and the current plan is to use a Sam James type machined aluminum sleeve as an insert.


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