January 21, 2012




The throttle cable runs awful close to and above the exhaust along the right side of the sump.  I couldn't find an alternative, so I added a small baffle between the exhaust and the throttle cable.  It's simply held in place by a stainless steel clamp around the exhaust pipe.

Moving around the airplane, I finished up some riveting I left undone.


The job of fitting all the fiberglass fairings (like wheel pants etc.) has been daunting.  The empennage fairing looks like a good fit, but I can see it will take some work to make good enough.

Here, I have done a lot of sanding with 40 grit on the inside to get the edges to mate evenly with the aluminum...






































Once I had the fairing fitting pretty tight, I drilled it, added the nutplates and screwed it down.




After tightening the screws, the fit was fairly close and only a little more spot sanding was necessary to bring edges flush.




The bottom of this fairing simply had to have a lay-up to make the air transition smoothly under the horizontal stabilizer.  I'll let this set up for a day or two and cut it to shape.





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