January 24, 2012




Using a relay deck is not the cheapest way to go, in fact you can buy the relays from Radio Shack and build your own for a whole lot less money.  On the other hand, this board with relays and terminals already on it really is quick to install (once you have pulled the wiring).

relay block

This is the inside of the Infinity Stick Grip.  They are pricey, but well made and use good quality switches.  I really like the feel of them in the hand, not to mention the utility.

infinity grip


Figuring out how you want to use the functionality of all the switches and buttons and working out the wiring for these grips can be a little bit of a challenge.

infinity grip wiring










































Once the wiring was worked out and everything properly marked, I mounted the grips on the sticks, ready to go into the airplane.



When the fuel distributor was finally installed on the motor, the center section of the plenum didn't clear it.  Rather than make a hump for the fuel distributor and the hose, I decided to cut out the top of the plenum and make a new center section.



My day had a enough time left to make up the last part of the plenum.  I had cut out the center because it was a little too low.




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